Opportunities For Corporate

Engage, Inspire and Highlight Your Commitment

Crowdfunding for social causes is the latest concept. Corporation can launch socially concious campaign to engage employees , customers  . It helps the corporations do not seem superficial and self - absorbed , earn  good will and it helps increasing  customer base . Corporation involvement in crowdfunding campaign gives them huge exposure within communities alongside positive PR  and marketing opportunities.

Solution for corporate CSR

We provide solutions for you to carry out a good and meaningful CSR initiative.  Easily launch social campaigns for highlighting your commitment. We give your brand a place where the world can see the impacts you are making on the causes  you  care about. Quickly launch compelling campaigns for causes . We help you craft the engagement to reflect your  goals and audience. We help you support a validated NGO / beneficiary to support your desired cause, Create the pitch, buzz for promotion, give report & feedback.

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