Fundraiser's FAQ's

Click “Sign Up icon” in the top right hand corner of the page.
Next, a pop-up window will prompt you to sign up using your email, Google account or Facebook login. Click one of the options, then type in your name and you’ll get taken to your user profile page.
Once you login, you’ll be taken to the People springs homepage. You’ll know you’ve logged in successfully when your name shows in the top right-hand corner.

Log In to your People springs account
Navigate to your Edit Profile page
Click "Change Profile Photo"
Follow the steps to upload.

Please see our terms and conditions. You can raise funds for any because that is tangible, legal as per law and is not antinational or immoral.

Once submitted, we will review your campaign & gives feedback to you. The campaign can go live within few hours a few days depending on action by you.     

Log in to your People springs account and select the  my profile and select  campaign management.
select the campaign you want to customize. Click EDIT in the right corner
Scroll down to the "Upload Pics and Videos" header and follow the steps to upload .
You can upload up to 5 pictures. 

Log in to your People springs account then head to the campaign you want to customize
Head to your DASHBOARD then click EDIT in the left navigation bar
Scroll down to the “Campaign Story” section where you'll be able to update your story using the rich text editor
When everything is perfect be sure to click on the "Save" button below to make everything official

We recommend that you make a donation to your own campaign to kick off your campaign. Simply because when your friends see that you're investing your time, and also your money to the cause you're passionate about, they'll be encouraged to donate.

You'll want to use the URL (that's the code at the top of the screen that starts with "") you see on the right-hand side of your Fundraiser Dashboard. You can also find it at the top of your browser in the address bar while you're visiting your campaign.

You can modify the campaign detail, add or edit the pictures and video. However, you cannot edit the campaign name, goal, the rewards or the campaign closing date.

Send us an email at and we will contact you.

Identity or registration proof
Address Proof
Bank Account details
An undertaking 
FCRA certificate - in the case of NGOs wanting to raise funds internationally